The Taweelah B Independent Water and Power Project is the fifth and the largest IWPP developed in Abu Dhabi – UAE, it is located at Taweelah complex. It is a multibillions assets company, and has around 260 employees. Taweelah B vision`s is to be recognized as setting the UAE Standard for Power Production, Water Production, Health & Safety Excellence, Environmental Stewardship, and become a model example of Successful Emiratisation and realize that people are the most valuable resource.

Three dedicated programs are offered by Taweelah B:

Operations and Apprenticeship Program
Linked with college education at HCT, followed by one year at site on Operations.  This includes a 6 week simulator based training period on an advanced operator simulator, supported by a leading edge world class training provider.

This allows inexperience employees to become a Control Room Engineer and gives the chance to test theory and practice within the safety of a simulator environment.  This theoretical training is augmented by further on-the-job training through the Training Department for designated roles – Control Room Power & Water Engineer, Field Operators and BOP Operators.  On completion of the formal training program, which includes physical plant operation demonstrations, candidates are accredited through the Desk Top Accreditation program and will then be eligible for promotion.

Graduate Training Program
Normal route is directly for degree qualified candidates to work on Projects.  The training is experienced based with time given within different departments across the sites broad business areas.  The program based around individual Personal Development Plans offers International Assignments to learn world ‘Best Practices’ and creates career paths that meets the needs of the business and the candidates.
Candidates from the Operations and Apprenticeship course can also progress onto Graduate program with sponsorship for those individuals who show potential.

Management Training Program
Another Experience driven program with assignments and individual Projects specified to deliver value for the business.  Wider managerial experience is gained through International assignments including secondments to UK based businesses.  A 6 month, specialized Leadership program delivered by Abu Dhabi University and leading to accreditation to the Chartered Institute of Managers (CIM) will be provided.
Candidates with potential from Graduate Training Program can also progress onto the Management Training Program.

We have an Emiratisation target of 60% by 2025.

The Emiratisation strategy is based on three pillars; recruiting the best UAE Nationals, developing UAE Nationals across the seniority spectrum to gain competence and progress, and enabling those in position to deliver and excel.

Reflecting the strategies and achievements in achieving Emiratisation to date, AGPS was pleased to be awarded in late 2017 ‘Gold’ Status in the Tawteen Club (UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation).

As an Emirati pursuing your career at Taweelah B we offer the following advantages:

  • There is a sincere Senior Management Drive to make Emiritization work which forms part of our Vision to ‘set the standard for Emiratisation’. The commitment is across the organization including the Chairman, Shareholders as well the senior site Management team.
  • The 3 programs we offer for career development are world class.
  • The organization is structured to enable you to fast track your experience and supports early promotions.
  • Given the complexity and size of asset and different technologies, one year at Taweelah is like three years in other power and desalination companies.
  • The skills gained are internationally transferrable offering you a lucrative career.
  • The industry provides long term career security – people always need power.
  • We offer a competitive packages comparing with other industries.
  • Development and associated promotion opportunities are readily available.